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Blonde Cheerleaders

Take Back Cheer is a pretty simple concept.  We want athletes to be treated with respect.  We want the governing bodies of cheer to be fair and transparent.  And we don’t want to be price gouged doing what we love


For too long, one company in particular has dominated cheer.  The market has been monopolized by it, and it has been able to control everything we do.  From stacking our governing bodies’ boards with its employees, to price gouging our parents at the door of our competitions, this monopoly has dominated the sport of cheer. It have even argued that cheerleading is NOT A SPORT just to maintain control of the industry. 


We have filed a class action lawsuit against this company on behalf of EVERYONE involved in cheer. We want to GO into the courtroom, FIGHT for your rights, and WIN this battle. 


If you want to stay updated on our progress, click on “Get Involved” on our home page, and send us your info.  You can become a “Class Participant” and may be eligible to receive compensation should we win.  Athletes, Coaches, Parents, Gym Owners, Choreographers, Music Engineers, and IEP (Independent Event Producers) are ALL invited to become part of this much-needed effort. 


It is time for us to Take Back Cheer! 


We Can Take Back Our Sport! 


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